Sponsorship and Participation

From the very beginning here at Ironworks Distillery, to the extent that we have been able, we have enjoyed being involved with and supportive of our community, the town of Lunenburg. To that end we have over the years donated to many worthy causes, events and groups in our area. We realize that there will always more organizations which would like to ask for our support or sponsorship or a donation. We would ask that you review our criteria listed here before doing so….


  1. Our schedule is full most of the year and extremely full at some times. To consider support we ask for at least 30 days notice of your event. Details can be sent to us using the form below.
  2. In consideration of the products we make and a realization that appearances matter, we will decline any event or cause that revolves around schools or children or health matters.
  3. We have supported teams and collective sporting events in the past but we will not sponsor individuals. By law we are not permitted to provide free alcohol to any event.
  4. We are also not permitted to give alcohol for silent auctions or similar fundraisers of any kind. We are allowed to offer gift certificates or promotional goods such as glassware or clothing only.
  5. We will consider doing sampling events if given 30 days notice and if we deem the occasion to be sufficiently beneficial to our business promotion. Please note that we do charge for most tastings in order to cover our costs.
  6. We concentrate our ‘giving’ mainly on events and fundraisers within the Lunenburg vicinity. Supporting the community that supports us so well in return. If your event is within Nova Scotia at least, and falls within the above requirements we will give it some consideration, but as a small business we only have so much charitable funding available to us and we will always give first chance to our local organizers.
* We also reserve the right to allow for exceptions to these criteria.