The Ironworks Rum Box 2020

$155.00 incl. tax

In only one day – The Rum Box 2020 has sold out!

This year we will mark ten years since we opened our doors in Lunenburg. To celebrate, we offer our very first Ironwork Rum Box Collection; five bottles from our portfolio of fine rum, from the popular Bluenose dark rum (750 mL), and the classic Amber (750 mL) to some delectable variations on the rum theme; Rum Boat Rum (500 mL) aged on our floating barrel cellar, Maple Rum (500 mL) and the surprising Barrel 97 (375 mL), aged more than six years in a red wine barrel from Blomidon Wineries here in Nova Scotia.

Each rum has it’s own distinctive taste profile – and the collection makes for a great tasting event – within your bubble that is!

This collection includes a set of Ironworks old-fashioned tumblers and a pair of tickets that are good for two free tours of the distillery – these will be accepted for an unlimited time – because we know that eventually we will welcome visitors into the Blacksmith Shop again.

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