Rum Boat Rum “Shipwrecked”

$38.65 incl. tax

“It was a dark and stormy night.”

Well at least it was on January 4th 2018 – it was a classic winter storm, the wind was roaring in from the southeast, gusting over 120km, and the storm surge was pushing the water level in the Lunenburg harbour higher than many of us had ever witnessed. Such was the scene when the Rum Boat broke loose of her mooring, and ran aground, bring with her our precious cargo of wave-tossed rum.

While she’s in dry-dock – getting her holes repaired – we decided to bottle up some of the surviving spirits and release it to our happy customers. And here it is – a limited release of Rum Boat Rum – Shipwrecked Edition. Ocean aged on a boat afloat in Lunenburg Harbour, this is a lovely, lively spirit – with a completely natural deep amber colour. Aged two and one half  years on land in our Lunenburg cellars and a year at sea before the wreck. Bottled in 500 ml Apothecary bottles, wrapped in a story!

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