Raspberry Liqueur 375 ml

$29.90 incl. tax

In a word – yummy. Like sticking your nose into a big bowl of fresh raspberries! This has become one of most popular liqueurs but sadly we are sold out of the most recent batch. We do have another batch on the way however – so stay tuned for its release (should be in early August 2017, once those raspberries ripen on the bushes!

September 4 update: We took delivery of our raspberries a couple of weeks ago and we will have the liqueur on the shelves by Sept 7th. Promise!

May 24, 2018 – all the Raspberry Liqueur is sold now. The next harvest will come in late July and our Liqueur will be out mid August

Well it’s now mid-August and our Raspberry Liqueur has returned – ruby red, tart and delicious.

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