Pear Eau-de-Vie with the Pear in the Bottle

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Fall – 2018

The late frost of June 2018 damaged many of the fruit crops in the Annapolis Valley and the precious Bartlett Pear trees took quite a hit. We still managed to convince a few of the hardy surviving pears to grow into our bottles and we are harvesting them right now. We will clean, fill and label the bottles and prepare the custom boxes in the next few weeks and likely have these for sale by mid-October. Price will depend on how many we get. Stay tuned.

This year’s release of Pear In Bottle is now ready for purchase at the distillery with a slightly higher price because of the scarcity of the crop.

The 2018 harvest of Pears in Bottles is now sold out. We just placed the bottles in the trees for harvest this September, so check back in October and they’ll likely be ready.

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