Five Year Rum – Barrel 97

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In 2010, Blomidon Vineyards in the Annapolis Valley got a new American Oak barrel – #1001 in their cellars. For three years they used it to age some of their fine red wine vintages, one Marechal Foch and the other Lucie Kuhlmann – both exceptional grape varietals from Nova Scotia.

In 2013, Ironworks bought the barrel, filled it with rum, placed it in our coolest cellar and walked away to let it age.

Six and a half years later, the barrel, now called #97, has produced this unique expression of our rum – as delectable as all our mature spirits are, but with a beautiful rich auburn colour and redolent with fruity complexity that we can only surmise comes from the blending of rum with red wine and oak. Enjoy!

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