Berries and Lemonade

This simple cocktail is immensely flexible. You can use any one of our Ironworks Liqueurs and the taste will be lovely. Lately we have been using a lemon concentrate created by our friends at Dragonfly Farms but any lemonade, still or bubbly, will do the trick. Decorate with a toothpick loaded with berries to match the liqueur and you have an easy and delicious summer beverage. The picture shows off the Raspberry version.




• 2 oz Ironworks Fruit Liqueur (Cranberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry – whichever is you favourite)
• 8 oz Lemonade (still or sparkling)
• juice of half a lemon
• fruit speared on a toothpick



Combine ingredients over ice and stir. Serve in any cocktail glass and garnish with appropriate fruit as well as a slice of lemon.