A Lazy Afternoon

Here’s a gingery, rhubarb tart, bubbly invention that we put together one day in Blue Rocks. This combination is so simple and invites you to live up to its name! After all, show me the person who can resist the offer of “A Lazy Afternoon”… ? (thanks for the name, Brad!)




• Strawberries (frozen or fresh)
• Fresh mint (spearmint is excellent)
• Ironworks Rhubarb Esprit
• Ginger Beer (can’t go wrong with Propeller brand)




Crush the strawberries into an old-fashioned glass. Rip the mint leaves and crush them to release their fragrance then drop them into the glass. Add two ice cubes. Pour 2 oz of Rhubarb Esprit over the ice, then top with ginger beer. Then get lazy!