February 23, 2018 – ‘Round The World Rum

Our adventurous (dare we say spirited) partnership with Barque Picton Castle began early in February 2018, when we loaded four barrels containing 900 litres of our rum into her hold and battened them down for her voyage. The aim, of course is to make use of the action of ocean waves to age the rum in that very particular way that only can happen on such a sailing vessel. Picton Castle plans to return to Lunenburg in the spring of 2019 so it will be a long wait – but there’s much to look at while she’s gone. The Captains’ Log is updated regularly.

PICTON CASTLE under full sail.

We’re hoping to organise a pre-ordering system so that interested customers can reserve a bottle of ” ‘Round The World Rum, but we haven’t done so yet. Keep your eye on this space as well as all our social media feeds, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Just for fun, you can keep your eye on the Picton Castle’s progress on her Current Location page.