Around the World Rum


Introducing Ironworks Distillery’s latest rum tale – a story of sailing ships and spirits.

Last year we chose two versions of our fine amber rum, 100% fermented, double distilled and barrel aged in Lunenburg. One was 8 years old, aged in heavily charred, used Bourbon Barrels and the other a 2 year old rum aged in new Hungarian oak. We blended them together, placed them in four Bourbon barrels then in February 2018, we lowered all four casks into the hold of Barque Picton Castle. A week later they set to sea on what will be her seventh and last circumnavigation of the world.

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After sailing 30,000 nautical miles and visiting 28 ports in 21 countries, Picton Castle returns in June 2019 when we will start working on the bottling and packaging of this unique release. The bottle is custom designed by local ceramic artist, Kara Highfield and is being produced by the 250 year old French porcelain company Revol. Each box that holds these treasures will be created by a craftsman from local pine, hand made and decorated with traditional nautical motifs and a rendering of the voyage.

Fewer than 1600 bottles of Around The World Rum will be available – ever. This is a one-time release of an historic product, born of a partnership between Ironworks Distillery and Barque Picton Castle.

Early ordering gives you not only a discount off the final retail cost but also includes free shipping of your product anywhere in Canada. We have no firm date as yet for the release but it will be within six weeks of Picton Castle’s return to Lunenburg. Save your place in the queue!